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Jared Rhys

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Location:United States of America

Character journal of Rhys

Age: 32
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark blue
Race: Human (ish...)
Occupation: Drifter, hedge witch

Description: Rhys is a lean but solid-looking young man with waist-length black hair pulled back in a ponytail, exposing the shaved back and sides of his head and multiple silver earrings. Easygoing and quick to smile, he's good-looking in a rough sort of way, clean-shaven with a strong jaw, expressive brows and deep blue eyes. Heavy black tribal tattoos cover both arms completely from shoulder to wrist in swirling, thorny patterns, visible under his tank top, and doubtlessly that's not his only ink. Rhys is something of a patchwork specialist on the weird and occult and a skilled practitioner of healing and protective magic, though there might be a few questions about just where he picked up that extra edge...

[[OOC Notes:]]

  • Player and character are both well over 21.

  • Rhys fits well in pretty much any ghosties-and-ghoulies-modern world, ie Dresden Files, True Blood, etc. he has been played extensively in Supernatural-verse as a hunter.

  • Rhys is openly bi, tending toward other guys, and very relaxed and adaptable when it comes to sex. (I do prefer a little CR before smut, however)

  • Rhys's knack for magic and his psychic sensitivity/mild empathic ability comes from him being part incubus (psychic vampire, not demon). It's difficult to detect as long as he's "on the wagon", and he's got excellent control of the desire to absorb emotional energy, but characters with an enhanced sense of smell or who are able to read auras/energy/blood will notice something odd about him. Rhys has used his non-human blood to become an excellent natural healer, but he's still extremely cagey about the source of his abilities, as it could have dire consequences for him depending on who found out.

  • Open to chatting, plotting, etc, and AIM/Plurk available on request, just PM me!

AU:Rhys has three AUs- Crow shapeshifter, vampire, and mutant.
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